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Canada’s identity comes in many shapes and forms. Multiculturalism has been adopted and is at the forefront of Canadian identity. Following the Second World War, Canada’s multiculturalism policies became more acceptable and even successful in, not only accepting, but inviting multiple ethnic cultures in. In contrast to other countries, multiculturalism adaptation works for the Canadian culture. Canadian policies on multiculturalism have shifted over the past few decades; policies are now implemented for integration, not discrimination.
Multiculturalism is defines as “the policy of maintaining a diversity of ethnic cultures within a community” (). Canada does accept people from virtually every culture, but requires that cultural practices do not interfere with social order, or the cultures of other fellow residents. With that being said, compromises are often made and implemented. It is not possible to maintain a diversity of ethnic cultures if cultures contradict and impact each other. Canada has done its best in order to make multiculturalism work.
The Second World War ended in the year of 1945(). Before this time, immigration into Canada was not ideal, especially for the Chinese, Indian, German and Japanese (1). In the year of 1885, Canada proposed its first policy regarding immigration into Canada (1). The “Chinese Head Tax” law was passed in order to filter the overwhelming number of Chinese immigrants into Canada (1). Chinese immigrants were required to pay a fee in order to come into the country. The amount, person, rose from fifty dollars in 1885, to an astounding five-hundred dollars in 1904. Ten years later, another unjust act was expressed, this time focusing on Indian immigrants. All 376 emigrants possessed valid ...

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...ective in hopes of finding ideal immigrants. But what really is the ideal immigrant? Based on the “federal government’s strict qualification criteria, many of those who make the cut each year are well-educated workers from a narrow list of occupations” (p2). Associate dean of law at Queen’s University, Sharryn Aiken believes “the current rules skew the system in favour of relatively privileged newcomers” (p2).
Canada is comprised of many ethnic backgrounds. Multiculturalism plays a major role in today’s mosaic society. Following the Second World War, Canada welcomed multiple ethnic cultures into the country. Even though multiculturalism may not work for other countries, Canada has been quite successful in implementing and maintaining a positive name for multiculturalism. Policies put in place help regulate and draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable.

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