Can Young Gang Members Be Changed? Essay examples

Can Young Gang Members Be Changed? Essay examples

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Can Young Gang Members Be Changed?
In the Freedom Writers I saw the soft part of young gang members’ hearts. Being gang members, they still feel helpless. The problem of gang violence today is a worldwide problem that should solve carefully and urgently. Moreover, as the National Young Gang Survey Analysis says, there are more than two out of five gang members are juveniles. Freedom Writers focused on this global issue, described a true story about how a teacher changed her gang member students’ life. Can young gang members be changed? After watching this film, my answer is “Yes”. Although we should admit it that young gang members will be terrible if they do not have a nice guide, but young gang members can still be changed because they do have a kind heart sometimes and most of the young gang members respect people they love.
First of all, most of the young gang members respect people they love. 2Pac was an American famous rapper, he was a gang member when he was a teenager, and it is his mother who made him a better person. One of his well-known songs named Dear Mama. Until now...

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