Gang Violence

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Gang violence is a growing problem in this world. No parent would like to imagine their kids dealing with weapons or being threatened by them. These violence’s affects each child individually and their families as well. These gangs recruit multiple different individuals for many reasons such as bribery, family traditions, or even threatening. Although, many kids feel like they have to be a part of it but there are many resources out in this world to prevent them from believing so. Gang violence has been a problem in society for several of years and is a growing problem each and every day. In the 1920’s there was a study conducted by Fredric M. Thrasher. Thrasher studied 1,313 gangs in Chicago and revealed the issue of gangs. He considered the poor in poverty as the area increasing in gangs. This area was known as the “zone in transition” and was referred as in his studies. Thrasher has many law reinforcement and social workers helping him bring a stop to this madness. According to Thrashers studies “Important variables such as the age of gang members or the organizational features of the gangs were not related in a straightforward way to differences in the behavior of gangs” (Cummings 6). Thrasher has analyzed these gangs in many ways to the extent or romantic life in gangs. He helped us distinguish the difference in stereotype gangs and then the actual facts involving them. Adolescent boy’s health is being affected in many places such as rural and urban areas. "Almost 30% of cities with more than 2,500 people have reported problems with gangs, and more than 80% of cities with more than 50,000 people have reported these problems (Kelly)." Multiple different backgrounds are affected by this type of violence, the most affected percentage are pointed toward African American boys between age 12 and 19. When being a victim of gang violence a person could not only being involved but if they were to witness it they are just as much impacted by it. It is shown to create violence throughout households when they are placed in a community that has a huge percentage of this type of violence. When gangs are talked to be a positive thing the amount of people increases their desire to want to join one. Many adolescent boys think of gangs as a sense of security at school.
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