The Sociological General Labeling Theory In Criminal Justice

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Labeling theory in criminal justice, tries to describe the connection between being labeled as a deviant and becoming the very thing the stereotypes suggest “deviant”. Labeling theorist argue that deviant behaviors can be a result of the way one view themselves in society (Bernburg, J. G., & Krohn, M. D., 2003). For instance, being label as a social misfit can contribute to individual believing that he/she must engage in misfit behaviors. Arguing that stereotypes can changes self-perception. Cultural deviance theory is a labeling theory that suggest that deviance can be associated to the urban areas to with one resides. This theory suggest that poverty suffering areas tend to have higher levels of deviance because their environment influences…show more content…
2014). The presumption that an individual’s urge to engage in criminal activities is based on his/her inadequacy to achieve goals of a society legitimately leading to societal or personal strain is the argument basis of sociological strain theory. General strain theory attempt to give understanding of crime through one’s lack of ability to obtain financial security (ÖZBAY, Ö. 2014)... Meaning that one’s might be more willing to commit unlawful act based on their need to achieve goals such as money, respect, or the need for…show more content…
Issue: “The number of youths joining gangs in the inner city has doubled, while the number of gang leaders serving time in prison and being released after good conduct has increased. The crime rate for gang violence has risen 20% from last year” (American Intercontinental University, 2015).

The level of deviance might be justify best through Cultural deviance theory. Labeling Theory might offer a small explanation to why there has been a tremendous increase in youths joining gangs in the inner city in connection with release of gang leader. It is extremely hard to test Labeling Theory to the gang leaders perception once reintegrated back in to society. Labeling Theory can only be tested through the recidivism rates of the gang leaders. It gives no real understanding to why one’s perception of self only lead to negative results such as

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