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The, By Aurora Levins Morales And Elena Essay

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Throughout American history, society has grown from the many different aspects of cultures coming together as one. Many of our families leave their homeland to come to America for more opportunities where we often are told to embrace our cultures yet to a certain extent. While growing up we adapt to American culture without realizing that we are even allowing ourselves to hide our own cultural beliefs and upbringings. The two main characters within “Puertoricanness” by Aurora Levins Morales and “Elena” by Pat Mora both demonstrate an interest of the significance regarding race in contemporary American society. Within both readings, it is implied or many of those who believe that if we assimilate to American culture that it will open more doors for equal opportunities since everyone would equally be the same although many people later on attempt to regain old cultural upbringings to their daily life without trying to fully assimilate to American culture.
Within “Puertoricanness”, the author Aurora Levins Morales speaks of woman who is trying to get in touch with her culture by expressing her interest to be Puerto Rican again. The woman is simply tired of trying to assimilate another race so that she can fit and not be judged by others. The author states, “It was Puerto Rico waking up inside her, uncurling and shoving open the door she had kept shut for years and years” (Morales 596). The protagonist is tired of feeling guilt due to hiding old habits because it is frowned upon by other cultures. “Yesterday she answered her husband’s request that she listen to the whole of his thoughts before commenting by screaming. “This is how we talk. I will not wait sedately for you to finish. Interrupt me back!” (Morales 596-597). ...

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... people who grow up in America and return to visit their homeland it is usually not as accepting as you would think because you are simply judged as an outcast although you are from there, many natives there make you feel like you don’t belong due to your upbringing within American culture.
To conclude, that both authors Aurora Levins Morales and Pat Mora demonstrate different aspects on how people allow themselves to adapt to American culture without realizing it. Thus, it is not always because we want to but sometimes in some cases they have to allow themselves or their family to have better opportunities although we may get tired from assimilating to another race we still have a part of our own cultural beliefs and upbringings inside of us. Hence, within both pieces of literature it was repeatedly implied the significance of race in contemporary American society.

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