The Buyer Vs. The End User Essay

The Buyer Vs. The End User Essay

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The buyer vs. the end user, who should be my target?

It is impossible to reach the goal without knowing where I am, this is an affirmation that we have heard throughout our life, the objectives have been defined, goals, direction, focus, familiar words in our daily living, but these words must not only be applied in our lives but that of an almost natural and in parallel are widely used in the "social processes" (Philip Kotler) as marketing. And, when we contemplate in satisfying some need through a good or service, it 's almost immediately the idea that spontaneously comes to our mind is: and How determined that need? Who is going to be my target market? What part of the population is going to sue my product? What segment involves my potential market? But these apparently logical questions are of great importance in the direction or guidance of goods and services to the costumer, recipient or potential recipient.
Once raised this questioning and within the infinity of possible variables of segmentation that we find in the strategic application of the marketing, we must think in a very special and perhaps one of the more general classifications of target market: the buyer and the user, who is more important to achieve our goals of marketing, who is going to be my target market? Who, then, should I direct my approach to "promote my activity" (Jay C levinton) wisely? buyer or end user?
Firstly, I find the position (subject to debate) of those who think that guide the marketing in the buyer has vital importance because this "variable segmentation", concerns the people that have the real purchasing power, who will choose the product or service between infinite possibilities offered by the market.
The buyer can see your purchase deci...

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...lmost impossible to make marketing without a highly qualified goods and services, the price, and which is fundamental, excellent channels of distribution, are necessary to cover all the flanks of the target market. Not enough to limit ourselves to a small approach (end user or buyer) is necessary to reach the satisfaction and loyalty of our end user developing a brilliant strategy of marketing and in this way provide an excellent buyer experience.
Finally, while it is interesting to read the direction that the authors give to the subject in relation to the importance of targeting the buyer or targeting the end user, I think that this is a "false dichotomy", because there is no doubt the importance of the two is fundamental and is correlated, i.e. that the studies carried out with the end user and their experience, finally will be translated in the best selling point.

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