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To produce satisfying films and related products in order to earn an appropriate profit and at least not lose money; and of course earning more out of the less is what we hope for.

Outline of what we will involve
As an overview, we will be involved in the producing/ filming of films with and without other business parties. As a start, we would like to share both the work, costs and gains; and after having enough experience, we would try to manage ourselves.

Product name: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This is a film we have produced, based on the novel of the same name, by the well known author J.K. Rowling. We had gain the copy right of the adaptation of the novel first and decided to share responsibilities and profits with another fellow company, the Warner Bros. The film functions the same way as the others, projected on to a screen by an overhead projector. The outline of the story which the film is telling is the same as the novel version,
¡§Harry is waiting in Privet Drive. The Order of Phoenix is coming to escort him safely away without Voldemort and his supporters knowing ¡V if they can. But what will Harry do then? And can he fulfill the momentous and seemingly impossible task that Professor Dumbledore has left him?¡¨
We decided to rate the film PG, parental guidance due to some violent and killing scenes.
The look of the DVD / VCD cover:

(ask someone to hand draw the cover or by computer ¡V maybe Somi?)

Marketing Strategies
Potential Customers: people of all ages, since the book is sold and read by everyone: old and young, no matter what the media rated.

Ć 20th Century Fox
Ć Warner Bros
Selling Method(s):
We¡¦re ¡§selling¡¨ our product the traditional way, where we rent the product to cinemas all over the world and then they give us 50 ¡V 55% of their ticket profit as the payment.

Pricing Method(s):
We will lend the movie to the all the cinemas all over the world and we will charge them 50 ¡V 55% of their ticket profit as the payment. We are expecting the make a profit of 600 millions since this is the last movie therefore there should be more people watching it. In the 5th movie, Warner Bros earned 572 millions so we are looking forward to earn more.

The 5th film has grossed 572 million
Has a budget of 75 ¡V 100 million

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Operation Details
Location of Business:
Ć London, England
Ć Christchurch, New Zealand
We have chosen these places because most of the scenes in the film was taken in London and Christchurch because of its suitable sceneries.
Production Details:
These, the Warner Bros. staffs take care and here is some of the details
Starring: Daniel Radcliffe
Emma Watson
Rupert Grint
Director: David Yates
Filming Locations: UK for most interior scenes
Scotland/ New Zealand for some exterior scenes

Ć Sony
Ć Microsoft
Ć Philips
Ć Brother

Ć Cameras
Ć Computers
Ć Video-making programs
Ć Lights, microphones
Ć Others

We have more than 9 thousands workers in total. 3 thousands worker working on filming and setting up the background and costumes and etc¡K2 thousands workers working on putting the film together and editing and rearranging the shorts together. 2 thousands workers on producing computer effects and animations e.g magical creatures. 1 thousand on advertising. Another 1 thousand workers on marketing.

Financial Details
Current financial Situation
The three current owners of the business are billionaires so the financing of the business will not be a matter.

Details of Raising Finance
As we are old and high profiled clients of the banks, loaning also is not a problem. As we combined forces with the Warner Bros, they also contributed 18% of the budget.

Uses of Finance
The loans from banks are 12% of the budget, plus the 18% from Warner Bros; our company will give the rest 70% of the budget for the producing/ filming of our product.

This is the last one of the film series of Harry Potter, so the special effects etc. will be raised to a very exceptional level. As the budget for the 5th film was 75 ¡V 100 million, the assumed budget for our product is at most 110 millions

We are looking forward to this film to be complete. We have already complete half of the film and I can tell that it will be a successful film, a film that will be better than all the other Harry Potter films. I will expect more than 600 millions profit now after seeing half of the film.
SWOT Analysis
Ć The business has much money to back up
Ć The bosses are geniuses
Ć Heat topic
Ć The world loves Harry Potter, lots of fans; people will rush to see it
ƒÜ The critics had rated the 5th film to be very good ¡V further attracts attention

Ć The owners are not as experienced
Ć Relies mainly on cinemas
Ć Actors and actresses are getting older than their roles in the film should be
Ć There are always many filming opportunities, novel adaptations etc.
ƒÜ After the film is released, we will have gained publicity and deals with other people will increase ¡V big movies, maybe
Ć We can sell the copyright of the film script to gaming companies to produce game adaptations

ƒÜ Because of the business¡¦ lack of experience, it could fall into traps of other competitors or simply beaten by other large companies ¡V even the now-partnered Warner Bros
Ć The 6th series of Harry Potter since everyone starts to thinks that Harry Potter is getting boring therefore this might be a threat to our product.
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