Essay about The Business Of College Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

Essay about The Business Of College Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

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The Business of College
People say that being in college is the best four years of your life. For many, it is the sweet taste of adolescent freedom and rebellion, a time when you are able to find out who you are and where you want to go with your life. But for many, if not a majority of those students, that sweet freedom has been soured by this business that we call college. Instead of spending time with friends and family or just relaxing; students are surrounded by a bevy of homework and deadlines. When they are not studying, most are off working in a futile attempt to pay off bills and student loans. A majority of colleges have become a business run by higher cost and meager financial aid.
The cost of receiving an education has always been high. When the average cost of one year’s tuition combines with the money needed for textbooks and other amenities; it is amazing that anyone could manage to get out of college unscathed. But over the last few years, the cost of tuition has gone up dramatically. In his article Taxing and Tuition: A Legislative Solution to Growing Endowments and the Rising Costs of a College Degree, Matt Willie stated that “from 2010 to 2011, tuition and fees rose by 4.5% at private, nonprofit colleges and more than 8% at public institutions” (1665). The average cost for a public college in 2010 was around 12,800 dollars. A mere 8% of that is a little over 1,000 dollars. For college tuition to have grown by that much in only a year while the cost of living stayed around the same is astounding. This increase in tuition places more stress on the average student to take on more work to attempt to compensate for the difference. Some of these students can not keep up with the rising cost of higher education and...

... middle of paper ... to get there as quickly as possible. The longer someone spends in college, whether it is a community, public, or private institution the more they tend to spend and the more the college makes.
By hiking up college costs and making financial aid available to only a select few, college has become less of a place to learn and more of a business with students as the consumers. With tuition rising steadily each year, students are forced to take on more and more work, which may cause some to spend more time there or drop out entirely. If work alone is not enough, they may attempt to apply for financial aid or student loans to help ease the cost while subsequently increasing their debt. Even though there are alternatives to getting a bachelors, college has become a necessary evil. College was meant to be a place of learning and self-betterment, not a source of revenue.

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