Essay on Business Intern At National Education Association

Essay on Business Intern At National Education Association

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For the UCDC summer 2014 program, I worked as a business intern at National Education Association (NEA). NEA is the largest professional association as well as the largest labor union in the United States. Members include teachers, professors, school bus drivers, and people working in the US educational system. The organization has more than 3 million members and the association operates on membership payments.
Since I am majoring in economics and accounting, my main interest while finding a summer internship was to acquire corporate experience related to the field of accounting and to learn more about the business aspect of how an organization operates. After I received an internship interview and offer with Ms. Northcutt, the intern coordinator at NEA, I accepted her internship offer because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the business and accounting aspect of an organization even though my primary interests are not in education.
For my internship, I interned at the purchasing and contracting team of the Center for Business Operation (CBO), which is one of the departments that the NEA houses. The team I worked with is responsible for all purchasing transactions as well as contract and agreement negotiations of NEA as an organization overall. My team was mainly composed of contracting specialists and I learned that the main purpose of the contracting team is to minimize the spending and the risk of the organization when dealing with contracts and agreements.
As an intern, my principal responsibility was to act as a gatekeeper for the procurement system and I also processed the purchase requisitions that came from different departments within the organization. Once the requisitions came to me, I h...

... middle of paper ...

...for finishing my assignments in time as well as giving them close attention to detail. She also told me that I have been doing a fabulous job as an intern at the department and she even wrote a blog about me and featured it in an internal organization-wide newsletter that was published by the department.
Overall, I would definitely recommend interning at NEA to other fellow students from UCDC. The organization offers many internship opportunities in different fields such as journalism, communication, politics and policies, advocacy, and even business internships. Student interns receive the chance to learn more about and explore the various opportunities in the work environment that are open to them. Because of my experience, I believe that the NEA is a really great organization to work for and am even considering coming back to NEA after I graduate from California.

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