Essay on Bull 's Head Pet Hospital Internship

Essay on Bull 's Head Pet Hospital Internship

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Bull’s Head Pet Hospital Internship
This summer, I participated as an intern at Bull’s Head Pet Hospital in Stanford, Connecticut for twelve hours a week for six weeks, between May 30th to July 8th. BHPH is the veterinary practice of the father and son, Dr. Steve Zeide and Dr. Nolan Zeide, and providing the professional and highest quality of veterinary medicine to the community. During the internship, I mainly worked to assist the veterinarians and doctor assistants in the exam room and observed the surgeries and dental. It was one of my beneficial experiences during summer working at BHPH.
I have been working at Bull’s Head Pet Hospital since the end of the senior year in high school and this summer was my third year. For first two years, I was mostly working as a kennel staff because they need help for that position, but they let me observe and assist the doctors in the exam room when they needed an extra help. And this my third year at BHPH, I interned as a Dr. assistant and gained a better understanding of how the day-to-day operations are managed in pet hospitals and learned the skills and abilities that are necessary to be a great veterinarian.
Every working day, I arrived there 20 minutes early to prepare and clean the exam rooms for the veterinarians to start the exams on time. In the veterinary field, the time management is most important to succeed and maintain the good aspect of the hospital because when one of the exam time deviates, everything will be in behind schedule and will not be able to complete every work on time. Therefore, the doctors always care about the time on top of their head and manage all of the exams, phone calls, write ups and more work that they have to accomplish on the day.
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...tion skills, also need the passion for animals to provide the best care. In daily routine, the veterinarians also have to manage time well to complete the entire appointment and work schedule on time. And the skills in surgeries are important for the veterinarians to have because the dexterity and making a quick decision are necessary to perform successful operations.
Currently, I am a junior in UIUC studying animal science. From the experience at BHPH this summer, I want to learn more about the veterinary field and become a veterinarian like Dr. Steve and Dr. Nolan Zeide. I thought this internship was beneficial toward my goal and appreciate for the doctors for letting me give me an opportunity to learn at BHPH. To achieve my future goal of becoming a veterinarian, I would like to study more about animals diligently and make connections with the other veterinarian

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