Building the Nation with Synchronization Essay

Building the Nation with Synchronization Essay

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Taxes are financial charges laid upon individuals or property owners to support the government, it includes the expenditures on war, the enforcement of law and public order, protection of property, economic infrastructure, public works, social engineering, to fund welfare and public services, and the operation of government itself. It’s for the well-being of the country and to avoid any misunderstanding towards its citizens and public servants of the government. It only shows that it is fundamental for individuals to pay their taxes properly and in the right time for the country so it can prosper well and maybe it can increase the percentage of our country’s rate on how it improves by its own aspects. However, we must be cautious at all times knowing that our country has suffered enough from its own chains of corruption and valley of such evil who always been a pain to hinder us in getting our rightful place in a peaceful society that we can live in. It’s our obligation to fulfill actions that can be beneficial for all the Filipinos to strengthen their hopes for a better state.
You cannot easily predict the country’s own trends how it increase and decline in such factors that it may affect the lives of the Filipino people who wanted to have many improvements on how the government help us in different ways that it can be considered as acceptable to ease our pain from the effects of graft and corruption and poverty. Furthermore, it’s our fault that taxes are like burdens of life because of the fact that it all started in the government because when corruption began its origin as we speak is obviously in there. The government officials who have higher ranking positions can lurk around the Malacañang Palace without any hesitations t...

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...nt that ever happens for us. Let us be the one who will make the massive difference that will be the huge leap for us to be a good citizen for our country and to prevent other countries to take over us and hope that we can do this in a way that no one will not contradict us.
We must not break the strong bonds of all Filipino people towards a good future even though it’s hard for us we can do it because we are special individuals who can do anything to save our state for us to live longer and not be guilty anymore. Taxes are not burden but a key to unfold a new chapter and a new beginning. Our nation must not forget this so we transform our country from corruption to the sunlit path of prosperity. Now is the time for us to realize that we should be the instrument to end the country’s suffering and to change the system that led us to corruption in the first place.

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