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Ferdinand Marcos was born on September 11, 1917 in Sarrat, Philippines. Ferdinand was a great student and studied law at the University of the Philippines. The Philippines is a country with almost 97 million people and is located on the south eastern border of Asia. Before Marco’s presidency, he was involved in other aspects of government. During World War II he served as an officer for the Philippines and was captured by the Japanese but later escaped. When the war was over he was an aide to President Roxas in 1949. He also served in the Senate and the House of Representatives for a number of years. Marcos was a candidate in the 1965 election against Macapagal, who was the former president of the Philippines. Marcos defeated him and this began his twenty years in power as president of the Philippines. He served two terms in office and was the first Philippine president to do so. While in office he tried to improve different aspects of the life in the Philippines like the education system, agriculture, and industries but not do much to end up helping them. Then in 1972 he started martial law in the country. Marcos was accused several times of stealing money from the government but was never actually found guilty of doing so. As Marcos’ time in power continued on, his popularity slowing started to decrease and decrease.

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Different political and social factors helped Marcos stay in power as president of the Philippines. When Ferdinand Marcos was first elected as president in 1965 he was a sign of hope for the people. Then he was reelected once again as president in 1969. At that point in the Philippines the politics was stable and Marcos had support from the people. In 1972 Marcos declared martial law because...

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... that had belonged to Ferdinand Marcos” (Guzman). What the government uncovered proves that Marcos did indeed steal from the government. Even though people did accuse Marcos of stealing from the government, he was never convicted of actually doing it. Marcos was lying to his people a good president should not do that. When Marcos was president for twenty years he did very little to actually help the people of the Philippines. In fact, while he was president the economy slowly kept getting worse and worse. He wanted to try to improve different aspects of the government but ended up doing the opposite. Another thing that Marcos did was declare martial law on the country. He ended up killing other political figures who did not support the decisions that he was making and his political party. Ferdinand Marcos deserves to be included in the Top 10 “Worst Dictator” list.

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