Taxes as Causes to Revolutions

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Taxes are a main cause of why many revolutions and rebellions happen, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution and other rebellions.
Taxation is a system that the government uses to gain money, they gain this money to support the government and provide public services. The government may secure their profits without taxation from natural resources, products, or services. (Taxation 1)
One place where taxes were and are a problem still in the society is America, many rebellions and wars were caused from the tax increase.
Fleming highlights the fact that “No taxation without representation” was one of the famous slogans during the time of the American Revolution; this slogan means that the Americans were being taxed by the British without cause, which was one of the main causes of the American Revolution. In 1776 Americans were the highest income in the world, least taxed and producing one-seventh of the world’s iron. With American being high above everyone else Britain decided Americans should pay the some cost (Fleming 1). This is significant because America was the least taxed and then Britain began taxing Americans causing a revolution. This leads to America being fine without being bombarded with taxes so they bombarded the British.
America thought that the war against Britain would be a short violent war, with the British being bankrupt America figured they could not be able to send over a large army to fight against. Britain proved America wrong by sending over 30,000 troops to fight. America surprised Britain and won their independence by adapting to guerilla war (Fleming 2). With America thinking they could take down the British very easily for raising their taxes they weren’t prepared for a war and were cau...

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... did this the American banks stopped payments and wouldn’t pay for their privately bank note (Nelson 2).
Another rebellion that was caused by taxes was Bacon’s Rebellion. Bacon’s Rebellion happened in Virginia in 1676, it was caused by high taxes and a couple other things. Nathaniel Bacon the leader of the rebellion had two expeditions against the tribes that became successful, but Bacon was arrested. When he was released he set fire to the Jamestown, by Bacon doing this the aristocracy maintained power and taxes were lowered. (Bacon 1) Nathaniel Bacon was very upset by the tax increase, by setting Jamestown to fire it showed the aristocracy that was in power that raising taxes may not have been the best thing for the economy at this time.
When taxes are raised people, groups, and country’s all decide to do something to get back at whoever caused the tax increase.
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