Building Codes : The International Building Code Essay

Building Codes : The International Building Code Essay

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Checktec has one common goal of bringing a new software product to the architecture market that will change the process of designing buildings. A current problem that architects and other building designers have is ensuring that all of their designs are up to code. The code that is used for all buildings is the International Building Code (IBC). Currently all designs have to be checked by hand and by multiple workers to ensure that the codes meet the IBC standards. With our new code checking technology this process will be forever improved. Our software allows for a designer to ensure that he is building up to code before he ever breaks ground on the actual site. This cutting edge software will allow architects the peace of mind in knowing that they meet code specifications, without having to spend countless hours doing so by hand, which is inefficient and costly.
Our key partner is the actual International Building Code itself. We need access to this code to input it a database for use in our software. We are acquiring the actual building code laws for each state and also the abi...

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