Essay The Brutal Treatment Of Prisoners During The Holocaust

Essay The Brutal Treatment Of Prisoners During The Holocaust

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In all of history there have been very few events as horrific and detestable as those which occurred during one of the longest and most prolific examples of genocide that has ever occurred, The Holocaust. During this time, Hitler ascended to power and devised a plan that called for the creation of the Aryan race by carrying out The Final Solution. In this plan, Jews as well as many other undesirables were captured and eventually imprisoned in one of many concentration camps established throughout all of Europe. These camps were constructed with two main purposes-to kill those who were deemed unfit for work or to perform hard labor that would be used for support the German war effort. The brutal treatment of prisoners during the Holocaust can be understood through life in the concentration camps, the labor prisoners were forced to perform, and the transportation of prisoners by railcar.
Life in the camps was worst than miserable, dreadful. The living conditions were crowded and unsanitary, monstrous diseases spreaded around the bunks like wildfire. Mattresses were made with foul straw and the roofs were so damp they leaked onto the sleeping prisoners. The bunks were filled with rats and vermin, the sanitary situation got even worse when prisoners were suffering from illness, no where to use the bathroom or wash up. With a constant food and drink shortage, life was a daily struggle. The prisoners received less than 1300 when grown men should receive at least double that. Nevermind the hard, tiring, draining work they did all day long. The prisoners worked 12 hours of the day, and the remaining amount time was not usually spent resting. The remaining amount of time they had was usually spent using “long roll call assemblies, linin...

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... new life. Thankfully many Europeans treated the Jews with great hospitality until they could get on their own feet (holocaustexplained).
The brutal treatment of prisoners during the Holocaust can be understood through life in the concentration camps, the labor prisoners were forced to perform, and the transportation of prisoners by railcar. In addition the life in the ghettos and surviving the holocaust was just as heart racing and life changing. Hitler 's plan to rid Jews and undesirables started to work but admiringly didn 't, changing the lives of everyone and changing history forever. This horrific crisis will never be forgotten and hopefully will never happen again, nor attempted too. In conclusion, it is obvious that the lives of these innocent people were taken and destroyed for no fair or very clear reason but what they went through was evidently horrific.

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