The Brain Is An Amazing Thing Essay

The Brain Is An Amazing Thing Essay

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The brain is an amazing thing, but it’s also such a weird thing. We just have this 3 pound ball of nervous tissue inside of our skull that helps us walk, talk, move, solve problems, write, read, imagine impossible situations that will stress you out at 4 AM , feel emotions, stores memories, and so many other incredible things.
Okay, so the brain is basically billions of brain cells arranged in different patterns that coordinate our thoughts, behaviors, movements, and our senses. It’s like a little highway system of nerves that connects your brain to the rest your body, so you can communicate and respond in a split second. While all the parts of your brain work together, each and every part is responsible for every function.
The largest part of our brain is the cerebrum, which is basically what most people imagine when we think of a brain. It’s divided into two halves by a deep fissure. These two hemispheres interact with each other through a thick expanse of nerves called the corpus callosum. Messages that are being sent to and from one side of the body are usually handled by the other side of the brain, which sounds incredibly confusing.
The brain’s hemispheres are divided into four lobes. The frontal lobe controls thinking, planning, organizing, problem-solving, and movement. The parietal lobes interpret sensory information, which would be like temperatures and the five senses. The occipital lobes process images that we see from our eyes and link that information with different images that have already been stored in our memories. The last of the lobes is the temporal lobes and those things process information from your sense of smell, taste, and sound, these lobes also play a bit of a role in memory storage.
The cerebellum ...

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...f-esteem(Kanye) and are very outgoing. Country and western fans are hardworking and usually extroverts. Reggae fans are the same as all the others except that they’re usually not as hard working. Indie fans are the opposite of these, they usually have a lower self-esteem, they are creative like most, but aren’t as hard working.
Rock fans are the same as indie; low self-esteem, creative, not gentle. These aren’t all of the genres that were mentioned in the study, but the picture that I put on the bottom include them all and the personality results.
The mind and brain is a crazy thing and as researchers and scientists continue to study it, they will most likely continue to find amazing things that will blow our own minds; but until then, I hope this small research paper has taught you a little about the brain and maybe a little about yourself and how your mind works.

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The Brain Is An Amazing Thing Essay

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