Books Are An Important Part Of Learning Essay

Books Are An Important Part Of Learning Essay

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Book Review
Books are an important part of learning. Books transfer knowledge from one generation to the next just like the other forms of art like painting, music, drama and dances. Book review is also important. Book reviews help readers know which books are best equipped with the information that they seek to know. It is therefore important that after reading a book, we write an accurate review of what we felt and learnt from a specific book. It would not be nice to review a book negatively because you have authored a similar book and want to divert reader attention to your book. Buyers want to see review for books before they buy or read. On the other hand, not many of them take time to review a book. Probably that one negative review is all it takes to make an otherwise worthy book look bad. It is important to understand what the books “the Malaise of Modernity” by Taylor and “Democracy on trial” by Elshtain are about. This will guide our understanding of what the issues are addressing, whether they have clearly articulated the issue satisfactory.
In his book, “the malaise of modernity” Charles Taylor tries to highlight the features of modernism. These features have in a larger way eroded advancements in western civilization. The ideals of individualism, personal interest at the expense of political engagement and reason have been particularly affected. He makes comment on moral energy leading to the rise of what we currently view as modernity. Jean’s “Democracy on trial” on the other hand tries to address the issue of regulation and the political economy. The writer comes to the conclusion that governments do not simply make regulations out of nowhere. There are motivations for such...

... middle of paper ... bourgeois rights. They are a negative liberty and shadows of “genuine liberty”. The freedom entrenched in the ideals of modern liberty is being free to be part of an organic whole.
Precisely, Eshtain is unhappy with the feminists and multiculturalists. She remains alienated from the foundations American democracy. She believes that these ideals cannot be used to rehabilitate democracy.
Both Eshtain and Taylor have succeeded in enlightening people about issues affecting democracy. Individualism, lack of reason and self absorbed pursuits replacing political engagement has been a major cause for erosion of ideal democracy. The kind of democracy we witness today is trivial democracy.

Elshtain, Jean. (1995). Democracy on Trial. New York: Basic Books.
Taylor, Charles. (1991). the Ethics of Authenticity. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Pp 12-142.

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