John Lock´s Theories of Human Nature vs. Jean-Jacques Rousseau´s Theories

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My Superior Theory

Every day I come across other individuals who believe their opinions are superior to mine. It is petty to see the minds of hundreds of individuals trying to prove me wrong, when all they do is misrepresent the current facts of nature. Jean-Jacques Rousseau believes his theories on human nature and social contract are superior to mine, however through years of analyzing human nature I can conclude my theories are superior. First of all, let it be known that my theories are based upon years of witnessing and investigating the true nature of humans and the social contract, so it is unthinkable to believe Rousseau’s unjust theories. Most of my logic behind human nature can be found in my writings, The Two Treatises of Government, where I discuss the roles of citizens and the sovereign in my political philosophies. Let us begin by comparing our opinions on that State of Nature, because to understand political power, we must first understand the state that men are naturally in and their origin (Locke, 262).

The State of Nature is a state of complete freedom for an individual to go about his or her life as they see fit. Yet, they don't have absolute freedom, they cannot do anything at all that they please. In my book I said, “"to order their actions, and dispose of their possessions and persons, as they think fit, within the bounds of the law of nature” (Locke, 262). Humans have no government or rulers of any sort to dictate the individual’s needs and desires. One cannot be punished for doing as he pleases, because the individual only obeys himself and the Law of Nature. The Law of Nature is similar to your morals, humans resist from harming others and only take what they need. This is why, in the State of Nature, ...

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...orrupted by its sovereign and society, the civilization of fall apart by itself and then reenter the state of nature or war it was once in, until a more just and fit means of government is formed.

Although Rousseau uses just reasoning to shape his theories, he accounts for way too many assumptions. Even in a State of Nature, humans are willing to harm other individuals when the laws of nature are broken. When people are ready to create a just and civil government, they are more willing to give up their personal liberties when offered the incentive of protection. When creating a government, it is more productive to make use of representatives and avoid a direct democracy in order to prevent chaos and be as productive as possible. Using years of experience analyzing human nature I can conclude that my approach to the realities and means of government are superior.
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