The Book Vs. Movie Lovers Essay

The Book Vs. Movie Lovers Essay

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The Book Is Better
One of the biggest debates for book and movie lovers is “the book was better than the movie” or “the movie was better than the book.” I’m a movie and book lover and I often find myself having this debate.It’s a debate that can go either way and it often ends in a disagreement between the fans discussing the book or movie. The book is better than the movie and there are plenty of films from the past ten years that exhibit this.
The Harry Potter series is one of my favorite movie series. The films were well done and follow the books well. J.K Rowling has captured the hearts of many and there are “Potterheads” in every country. While the films were nothing short of amazing, the books give readers more insight into Harry Potter 's thoughts. The reader really sees the “Wizarding World” from Potter’s eyes. It’s very hard to fit a whole story into two hours worth of film. Therefore some characters were cut out of the films. Characters such as Charlie Weasley, Neville Longbottom 's’ grandmother, the Bloody Baron and many more were mentioned in the films, but were never casted for the films. These were interesting characters in the books and it would have given Potterheads more on screen characters to love. Lastly, while the films followed the books well, the end of the “Deathly Hallows Part 2” film, ended differently than than the book. In the film, Potter breaks the elder wand. In the Deathly Hallows book, Potter returns to Dumbledore 's office, returns the resurrection stone, and speaks to Dumbledore’s portrait on the wall. After Voldemort 's death, Harry became the master of the Elder Wand. Harry doesn 't wish to own it permanently. Harry decides to repair his old wand, which was broken by Hermione earlier in t...

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...ok, Phillip, Judd’s little brother, punches Wade in the face. Wade is the man who Judd’s wife had an affair with. In the film, Judd’s older sister, Wendy, punches Wade in the face. Making this change from the book to the film, stole some of Phillip’s thunder. Phillip seemed to mess up everything else that was going on in his life, and punching Wade in the face was a way of getting him back to the person he wanted to be. Phillip was also a fan favorite.
Most movies would never come to be without books. Many books are made into movies and they make the film industry boom. Authors don’t have a time limit to scrunch all of their text into, they can fill as many pages as they’d like. Therefore, there is more detail, more characters, and more in depth description of events. Great books spark interest into making a film. Without a great book, the movies would be nothing.

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