Compare And Contrast Divergent And The Hunger Games

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Divergent vs. The Hunger games: Films Alike Divergent and The Hunger Games are two of the most successful movies released in 2014. The movies attracted a large number of viewers who were able to connect with the characters and the story being told. Many people found themselves getting emotionally involved in the characters lives. In both movies, it is easy to find yourself rooting for the underdog and hoping that only the best happens in the end. Both movies are remarkably similar because they feature similar strong female leads, display omnipotent authority, practice dystopian societies, and have a clear distinction between good versus evil. Divergent and The Hunger Games both feature a strong female lead. Divergent’s female protagonist,…show more content…
Underestimated by her competitors, she was able to rise her way to the top by pulling out he secret weapons. Her hunting abilities, problem solving skills, and ability to think on the spot may not seem like super powers; however, they helped her survive and win the hunger games. Like Tris, Katniss also had a supernatural aid. Peeta was able to help Katniss make it through the games and they both made it out alive. Two to protagonists , Tris and Katniss, are alike in many ways and they both have the self-respecting, strong, smart, and independent qualities that one would expect to find in a…show more content…
There is a central government that is in control of all these people who are separated into different groups. This same government can do whatever it pleases and the people have no say in what the government can and cannot do. In Divergent, the Government tries to use mind control to get its army to kill innocent people. It was up to people like Tris to stop the government from continuing to carry out the meticulous plan.
Furthermore, the omnipotent powers of the two films are also proven to be similar. The authorities displayed in both movies completely control all things regarding their people. They make unethical and inhumane plans that endanger the citizens of their land. The Capitol of the film “The Hunger Games” uses its people to fight to death for entertainment and the Divergent government uses mind control to get their army to do whatever they are told. These government authorities, in both films, treat their people as puppets who are forced under their