The Book ' The New Testament ' Essay

The Book ' The New Testament ' Essay

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“Most Favorite Book in the New Testament”
The selection of choice for my most favorite Book of the New Testament is the Epistle to Philippians. My reasoning for this book being my favorite, is it’s a major part of my being here today. In reality, during this time in my life things was going bad and knew really nothing about God. And yet, wanting to be happy, feel some kind of love and peace in my heart again as a child. The Book of Philippians gave me back my life as you will see. Thank God for His Word.
From a very young age, I was raised in the church by my parents. However, by the age of nine, they passed away, leaving me feeling like I could do nothing without them. At this age and something this devastating happening, I didn’t understand why God would do this to good people, actually I was mad at God. However, I had a praying grandmother, a woman of God that was not afraid to live her relationship with God.
Namely, Elizabeth McNatt, my grandmother steps into this tragic situation. As a result, she began to minister to me that God makes no mistake...

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