Psalm 13

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Psalm 13 I chose Psalm 13 because I could relate to it in many ways. The first thing that comes to mind for me is my Dad always said when you have problems you can always turn to God. I know this wasn’t just his easy way out of answering some of the hard questions as a parent but to let me see that I had my own relationship with God. The meaning and the symbolism is what brought intrigued me. The title of the Psalm is “Prayer for Deliverance from Enemies” and although most issues in life aren’t as dramatic as described in the Psalm although at the time of the event it may seem as bad. Some examples I have thought about are a Death in the family, a breakup with a loved one, and when you wished you wouldn’t have done something you regret. In these times I have asked God myself if he/she could correct the problem or make it go away and I would do anything (at the time) if he could make it happen and sometime the requests were pretty unreasonable. I would even ask, if I followed the laws of the Lord and I believed in him how could the situation happen? If God loves me he/she would get me out of the situation? This is a complaint Psalm and after the complaining the psalm writer asks for help. As you can see in the Psalm it is pretty dramatic how the writer asks “How long?” 4 times to show the complaint about God in how he hasn’t responded. The following complaints are found: You Complaint – God I Complaint – I bear pain They Complaint – My enemy, my foes There is a request to God for help and the writer gives reasons for God to come to his aid such as, if you don’t help my enemy will be happy. In this case the writer assumes that the enemy doesn’t believe in God so the writer should be saved by God as he does believe in him. The writer also shows trust and steadfast love with “But I trusted in your steadfast love;” Also, there is evidence that the writer doesn’t doubt that God will come to his salvation as he states “he has dealt bountifully with me.” The writer is confident that God will help. The imagery that I get from this Psalm is the writer scared, nervous, and in a bad predicament where he is either hiding from the enemy or laying in bed waiting to face them the next day.

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