Essay on The Bone Remodeling Cycle Of Bone

Essay on The Bone Remodeling Cycle Of Bone

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Bone physiology is the normal process of the bone to continuously breakdown and remodels themselves. The bone remodeling cycle begins when the osteocytes determine which part of the bone needs to be remodeled and send out signals to osteoclasts to reabsorb the bone. Along with the osteoclasts, the osteoblasts follow behind osteoclasts forming new bone reshaping as it goes in order to accommodate the current stresses on the body. The two types of bone tissue are the spongy bones and the compact bones. The compact bones support the whole body and are the outer part of the bone, whereas the spongy bones are located inside of the compact bone and are used to support the body structure. Calcium is stored in compact bone in high quantities, but very little is stored in the spongy bone.
2. The relationship between calcium and bones is that calcium is one of the minerals that make up the bones. During remodeling of bones, old calcium is removed from the bone and replaced with the new calcium that is in the blood stream. When an individual’s diet is not rich in calcium, the amount of calcium in the bone decreases over time and can lead to a weakening of the bones such as osteoporosis. Ideally, the individual should have eaten a diet rich in calcium during childhood and adolescents to make sure the bones have enough calcium to keep them strong for years.
3. The body controls calcium levels in the bones and blood by using the parathyroid hormone and calcitonin. When there is a low level of calcium in the blood, the parathyroid gland releases the parathyroid hormone (PTH) which targets the bones to stimulate the osteoclasts to reabsorb calcium out of the bones and release it into the bloodstream, the kidneys are stimulated to take in more c...

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...e, Crohns’ disease, early onset menopause, removal of the ovaries pre-menopause, low testosterone levels in men. Anorexia during adolescent years is another risk factor as the individual will severely limit their diet and may not get enough calcium in what they do eat. Other individuals who eat a diet low in calcium and Vitamin D are also at risk. Another risk factor is gastrointestinal surgery that reduces the amount of surface that absorbs nutrients including calcium.
7. There are not definite signs or telltale symptoms of osteoporosis during the early stages. Osteoporosis is known as a silent disease because an individual may not know they have it until they fracture a bone. Once the disease has progressed, the individual may develop symptoms such as low back pain, loss of height over time, a stooped posture or a bone fracture that occurs more easier than normal.

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