Essay on Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company

Essay on Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company

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The Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company which was founded in 1916 by is the largest aero-space company and the manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft in the world. When it comes to sales, Boeing is the number one U.S. exporter. Boeing’s military aircraft comes with satellite, missiles launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems.Boeings main competitor was Mc Donnell Douglas but in 1996 the aerospace giants announced about their merge.

Question 1
It is clearly understood that any industry that plays a role in the macro economy will experience the shift and variability of the economic environment. As a crucial and essential section of the economies of the world’s nations, the air transport industry is dependent upon the changes of the external macro environment and, therefore, predicts a variety of positions over time in reaction to changes in the economic environment.
The commercial aviation industry is a multi-dimensional system that involves and is affected by, several stakeholders and sectors such as governments, passengers, airlines, aircraft leasing companies airports, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, governments, aerospace supply manufacturing and suppliers. (Mack 2013)
The economy of the country is a massive factor for aircraft manufacturers. When the economy is suffering from a recession the need for airline travel decreases. The request and purchase of new airplanes also declines when the economy drops. Boeing needed to seek to other countries for business and to concentrate on extra military projects.
For environmental and economic reasons, airline customers need ever-increasing fuel efficiency. Boeing and the aviation industry are dedicated to reducing the carbon dioxide...

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... of safety in their commercial airliners, but it actually depends on the airline carrier to maintain and service the aircraft regularly and keep up the good high quality standards to avoid the fatalities like the midair disintegration of the China airline in 2002 exactly 22 years after performing the faulty repair that wasn't performed in compliance with the Boeing Structural Repair Manual (SRM).

Question 3:
“Customer is KING” Boeing gives excellent customer service by fulfilling their demands, for instance southwest airlines who use 737 for their entire fleet wanted to have a new 737 model with fuel efficiency but 737s re-engining might land Boeing in financial crisis. But southwest threatened to convert to airbus, due to airline pressure Boeing obliged for their demands and started a new 737 max project.(Brooks.A.,Weatherson, J. and Wilkinson, G. 2011)

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