Body Shaming : Inappropriate Negative Statements And Attitudes Toward Another Person 's Weight Or Size

Body Shaming : Inappropriate Negative Statements And Attitudes Toward Another Person 's Weight Or Size

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Body Shaming is “inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size” (Lumpur). Throughout history this has been a huge topic discussed by society and the media. There have also been many different health issues concerning this topic defending many views of society. Many artists such as Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj have drawn a lot of pubic awareness to this topic. Selena Gomez has talked about her experiences eating disorders and with the body shaming she has deal with through the media. Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor have made some of their lyrics shaming some women about their bodies.
We’ve entered the era of man shaming. Recently, we’ve seen more and more celebrity men held to the same unattainable physical standards so enduringly imposed upon women. We’ve heard Howard Stern call Grammy winner Sam Smith “ugly,” “fat,” and “effeminate”. We’ve seen singer D’Angelo made a “former R&B sex symbol” that has “done a lot of growing.” The gossip site TMZ maintains an entire category dedicated to “Livin’ Large,” taking shots at major and minor celebrities for packing on pounds — from Chris Brown to Tom Cruise to Rob Kardashian. Social media follows suit, lambasting changing, and sometimes merely aging, physiques in tweets, memes, and other sharable snipes .The analysis even applies to famous men who have edged closer to our ever-shifting perceptions of physical perfection, with sites spending days examining the reality of Justin Bieber’s supposed bulk. On Tuesday, when Men’s Health makes public its April issue sporting a shirtless, flawless, flexing Bieber with a cover line that questions if the 21-year-old pop star can “reinvent himself,” expect a fresh wave of speculation ove...

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...ines point out that overweight people should not gain additional weight, and, preferably, should lose a few pounds. Other risk factors, such as smoking, also affect whether a person is considered healthy.
What it comes down to is this; we all need to stop maltreatment towards ourselves and being nasty to other people. Attacking one another instead of supporting one another has become the custom. Life’s hard enough as it is. Let’s find strength in the fact that we’re different and unique. Let’s allow ourselves to say, these are my flaws, but I’m still fine-looking. Body Shaming is something that has become something so out of control in our society and it is something I am passionate in standing up for. Man shaming and thin-shaming are problems that occur and they need to be discussed however, based on my research fat-shaming for women seems to be the main problem.

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