The, Bodega Dreams By Ernesto Quinonez Essay

The, Bodega Dreams By Ernesto Quinonez Essay

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“When It Comes To Teachers Make The Difference”

As in the story: "Bodega Dreams" by Ernesto Quinonez, students of Julia de Burgos school were abused psychologically by a bad teacher named Blessington, which belittled and humiliated his telling students that would end in jail or as prostitutes; in the same way, the lack of pedagogy of these so-called teachers, contribute to the impoverishment of our educational system. For decades, it has been supposed that education is related to socioeconomic status determined by the level of income. It is common to hear, if you are rich, so it has can be an excellent education. This thought is deep within us and it could be very difficult to think in another way. With this we can deduce that any financial goal for the middle class, will be much more expensive and difficult to reach, these goals include education. This popular belief, however, must be tested with convincing arguments and evidence demonstrating the direct relationship between teachers and how build every day the education.
The Academic Journal by Elena Claudia Meroni, Esperanza Vera-Toscano, and Patricia Costa: "Can low skill teachers make good students?" helps us understand the reading of Ernesto Quinonez "Bodega Dreams" when we see as the article explains that the teachers have positive effects on student achievement and how this affects the future of students. Also explains why a teacher like Tapia can do the difference. In addition to understanding how the poor quality of teachers, the stratification of society and outside influence that our students can produce several direct effects on our young people.
Consequently, Teacher quality is one of the most significant factors related to student achievement. How someone with n...

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...upper class (rich) can achieve a higher education in more than 50% difference compared to the poor classes, leaves us in no doubt that the inequality income produces a general lack of education in our country. but all this is known, the real fight is against our use of resources that are intended to support educators in our educational systems, changing the way of spending is paramount when it comes to saving the future of our students, mainly of minorities who do not have economic advantages and have great potential. I think the changes can take a step by step , we should as alumni involved with our schools of origin and help monitor progress or setbacks occurred, report known abuse and strengthen the educational force with economic incentives to high performance. Only in this way can we have a more adequate and fair education system for all classes of our country.

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