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Blue Gold : World Water Wars Essay

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Blue Gold: World Water Wars, was an informative movie that explored various aspects of water issues around the world. Based off the book, written by Maude Barlow and Tony Clark, Water Wars first investigates what our current water problems are and how they affect the human race on a global scale. Next, the movie examines how both corporations and politics influence water rights. The documentary then researches water wars, as a basic human rights violation and finally looks at possible solutions to this global water crisis.

Water is essential for life. Without water, we would die within days. Early human civilizations were founded on rivers- without them, society would not have advanced and we would still be primitive hunters and gathers. Living on such a blue planet one would think that Earth has plentiful of water resources for humans, unfortunately, they would be wrong. Earth’s water is 97 percent salt water and only 3 percent freshwater. That freshwater is quickly being polluted and drained away. One such example of a polluted water source is the rivers near Mexico City and the border. Raw sewage, animal carcasses, and human remains are flowing into the river and that water is eventually being used to irrigate crops. People are literally turning waste water into food. Every second thousands of children are dying of water-borne illnesses (such as Cholera) from these polluted water sources. This pollution is in also due to urbanization. Urban cities are growing and so is hard-scaping. Impermeable surfaces are increasing, water cannot soak into the ground and the water (and all pollutants picked up) quickly flow into our waterways Our natural systems are falling at cleaning some of the pollutants out because they are being dest...

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...late; this is the message that the movie leaves you. We can calculate how much water we can use from these aquifers and have them renew themselves. Water catchments are a new popular way to replenish the groundwater. It is like a very small dam that funnels water back into the ground. This will help countries like India, which are quickly depleting their aquifers. WE are discovering better ways to farm, such as aquaponics. Aquaponics uses much less water and is more efficient, by combining fish farming and growing plants in a greenhouse. Buying local food and getting local water will encourage the end of global water trading. Dams are being decommissioned, cities are installing permeable pavement and trying to control population growth. The future doesn’t have to be a desert, through education, we can change the public’s options’ on water and thus change the world.

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