The Black War : A Nation Of Possibility, Opportunity And Freedom Essay

The Black War : A Nation Of Possibility, Opportunity And Freedom Essay

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In the 1800s, Australia was young and viewed as a nation of possibility, opportunity and freedom. The Europeans were happily reaping in profits from the fruitful soils, and the convicts were given the chance to start anew with agricultural demands providing them with work. Developing their community, they had already pushed the Aboriginals out of their land, and set up their lives in the land down under. The British and Europeans were pleased with their secluded paradise; despite the pain it caused the Indigenous population.

Initially Australia was just a new land. A place to prosper, live and grow. Develop new buildings, careers, families and abundant produce. With excitement for its potential, an import of cattle and other species unknown to the native wildlife started to disrupt the ecosystem and destroyed the layers of rich soil. The animals fought for resources and space, just as the Aboriginals were forced to do with the settlers, both events creating a downfall in Australia in what was known as the “black war”.

The black war was the first disruption to the natural living system in Australia. The people had to make do with the dwindling produce and come together to forage what they could. An inevitable crisis for a developing nation created a bond between the new communities. One of helpfulness and togetherness, creating a society focused on the larger population. Though, what happened next caused a major uproar globally, The Golden Age.

It was in 1851 when a prestigious miner, Edward Hargreaves returned from his mining trip to America, with the speculation that the land of opportunity too bore the minerals and gold that could be mined. Upon reporting to the government who allowed for investigations into the matter to ...

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...ared we showed.

Before the Golden Age, Australia, aside from the segregation between the Europeans and the Indigenous people, was a land of unity and opportunity. Upon the discovery of gold, the population was bombarded by the thoughts of financial freedom and the chance to lead a better life with no regard for the society around them. It is unimaginable to think that the people of those times developed this community of greed consciously; however the separation and self -satisfaction caused many broken families and friendships and removed the morale of what was once a solid working community. Was the gold rush a blessing or a curse? Well, the community managed to keep striving forward after the gold rush, and maybe it took them to have a bit of chaos amongst them to learn how to truly work together to create the society that we, in this modern age, live in today.

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