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Armando Martinez

The Gilded Age consisted of many new technological advancements such as the railroad. The gilded age is a time period where technology started increasing, many more jobs opened up. Also since there were more jobs the American wages were even higher then in Europe which caused many immigrants to migrate to the United Staes. However, the Gilded Age was also an era of poverty as very poor European immigrants came in to find jobs but the high wages were for skilled American workers. Railroads were the major industry, but the factory system, mining, and labor unions also increased in importance. But these improvements were only in the east and west, so the south remained economically devastated; its economy became increasingly tied to cotton and tobacco production.
But the Gilded age didn't only consist of new technological advancements it also consisted of State and local governments to build schools, colleges and hospitals also private ones were founded, often with support from local philanthropists. Another great advancement was the creation of the telephone. Many of these new inventions shape the future for us for example the telephone helped us communicate with other people from around the world. Like for us right now we cannot live without phones our lives would be nothing without the telephone. Another great advancements was the railroad it allowed us to travel much easier and much faster, it also allowed us to trade much easier. Now a days most thing are transported by train, airplane, ships. But back in the day they had to transport stuff by horse and wagon that’s what motivated them to create the railroad it made every day much easier.
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... cant even have a nice family dinner because everyone is on the phone. Now when your out in public you see everyone on there phones texting. And this is because of this era it created new technology to call people which later made people want to not talk just to send simple messages. This era has made us what we are now kids now when there 6 they have phones when others were 6 the had a rock to play with not this new technology. But that’s what people like doing they like keep moving forward they like to invent stuff that will make life easier.
And all this keep moving forward started during the Gilded Age when people wanted to start inventing and making money. So this era is well know for their creations in it.i love this era because they created new stuff that made life much easier it gave us phones kweeyboards well old ones it gave us new stuff to realy on.

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