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Black Rats : A Bad Reputation Essay example

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Black Rats have a bad reputation then and now, to many others, rats were the main reason why people were killed in the bubonic plague in Europe. It was believed that rats spread infected diseases by biting into human skin. Rats have contributed to many endangered species like seabirds, but are rats really that vicious?
Introduction to black rats
The black rat is nocturnal, notwithstanding, it may become more active in the day in undisturbed areas. It is an omnivore, but haves a tendency to prefer plant matter such as fruits and seeds, although they will feed on insects, carrion, refuse and feces. On Lundy Island these rats feed on crabs along the shore. This rat lives in groups called 'packs ', consisting of several males and two or more dominant females. They’re skilled in climbing and can also swim very well. Nests are constructed from grass and twigs, often in roof spaces, a habit which earned the species the further common name of 'roof rat '. Breeding takes place between March and November; 3 to 5 litters can be produced in a year, each litter containing 1-16 young (although the average is 7). A female black rat can produce a big number of offspring; 56 young were recorded on a London ship for a single female At 12-16 weeks of age, females are capable of breeding; they are also able to conceive whilst still suckling the previous litter, which further maximizes their reproductive capability. The maxima lifespan in the wild for the black rat is less than 18 months, some rats populations have very high mortality rates, mainly as a result of widespread pest control measures. They 're a notorious pest and was the host of the fleas that carried bubonic plague all the way through Europe. Rats carries a host of other diseases and...

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...ieve it or not, rats play a key role in our society. Impact of these animals on their ecosystems has not been studied. However, we may infer from their feeding habits that they have some impact on plant communities. As a prey species, they may impact populations of those animals which feed upon them. Black rats really don 't have no benefits for humans. Furthermore, black rats leaves a negative impact on humans in several ways, they 're severely harsh on crops, fruits, and farms. The fleas that live on rats carry diseases and such which can cause harm to humans.
The black rats in the end of the day are maybe a waste of space in our lives, but not in other species. As terrible as it might seem they’re here for a reason. Furthermore, not as dangerous as they are, we have to be careful of them because of what they can do especially during the bubonic plague.

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