Black History : African American History Essay

Black History : African American History Essay

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Black history month is an annual recognition of historical events that took place during slavery. This observance period is set aside to honor the lives and history of African American descendants, in many parts of the world. It is a way of giving honor to African Americans, and those who made it possible for African Americans to have a voice within white society. It is observed during the month of February, and is recognized as an historical cultural, and educational presentations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Black history month is observed in schools, churches, and in different countries. Some people argue that designating only one specific month to focus on African American history is just not enough time, to fully explore the dynamics and the history of the culture. Others argue that black history month provides an important and necessary framework for exploring the significance and the essence of being black in America. Critics of black history and other designating history such as women 's history month, argue that these observational months serve to maintain divisions between different subsets of society and may marginalize individuals races, that have not received recognition in the form of a designating a day or month. However, history is an important memory and is necessary for the education, effectiveness and worthiness of all human beings. The value of historical knowledge justifies teaching others about what happened in those recent years, so that we may not relieve the yesterdays, but improve on the past. The public school systems in most states are directed to the present at least some programs are aimed at addressing African American history and culture. Another criticism is that th...

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... film, schedule events and programs specific to african american experience. The pan african american film festival was the largest event held in the united states to celebrate black history month in 2012, featuring two weeks performances by african american artist and filmmakers. The us bureau of labor statistics and the census bureau release a special set of statistics regarding the state of african american population each year to coincide with the beginning of black history month. Official black history month themes in twenty first century have included “celebrating community : a tribute to black fraternal, social, and civic institutions” (2006) and “ african americans and the civil war” (2011). The 2012 theme for Black history month was “black women in american culture and history”. Black History Month is observed in schools, churches, and different countries.

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