Black Press Day

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Black Press Day, other wise none as Freedom’s Journal was the anniversary of the founding of the first black newspaper in the US and was established the same year that slavery was abolished in New York State. It changed African Americans forever or colored people. Black Press day is Freedom's Journal the paper served to counter racist commentary published in the mainstream press. It also provided its readers with regional, national, and international news and with news that could serve to both entertain and educate. It sought to improve conditions for the over 300,000 newly freed black men and women living in the north because it made life so much easier for colored people. It helped readers engage with local, national and international issues and addressed issues such as colonization and the right to vote. Freedom's Journal offered African-Americans a means of documenting and working toward ending their oppression. It helped create a generation of writers, orators, activists; this had a significant impact on society. The Journal also published biographies of prominent African-Americans and listings of births, deaths, and marriages in the African-American New York community. The paper also printed school, job and housing listings. Freedom’s Journal was not born solely out of the perceived need to defend African Americans as much as a desire within the black community to create a forum that would express their views and advocate for their causes. Freedom’s Journal denounced slavery and advocated for Black people’s political rights, the right to vote, and spoke out against lynchings. It nevertheless must be credited with making a seminal contribution to the abolitionist movement by kick starting a dialogue about the ... ... middle of paper ... ... They also will be able to identify various types of jobs in the media and discuss or write about them to analyze their career objectives. Black Press day or Freedom’s Journal has had many positive effects, negative effects and had an impact in the United States. The Harlem Renaissance and The Civil Right Movement were very similar to Back Press Day or Freedom’s Journal that also had positive and negative effects and still has a significant impact today in the United States of America. Works Cited Bonila, Denise M., and Levy, Beth, Eds. The Power of the Press. H. W. Wilson, 1999. Day, Nancy. Censorship: or Freedom of Expression? Lerner 2001. Ritchie, Donald A. American Journalist. Ox Ford, 1997.

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