Black Blacks And African Americans Essay example

Black Blacks And African Americans Essay example

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America has a black president and famous black people like Muhammad Ali, Oprah and Beyoncé. It has a large black middle-class. Black America makes more money than any country in Africa – even more than Nigeria with its oil or South Africa with its diamonds and gold. Yet the average black person compared to the average white person in America is twice as likely to be out of work and is six times more likely to be in prison. Many White Americans see nothing wrong with this, but many African-Americans don’t agree. Whites stole guns to steal land in North America and force blacks to work on it as slaves. No matter how hard White Americans try, they cannot hide the wrong they were doing. So they come up with a big lie: racism, that blacks are not as good as whites, that blacks are screwed up, that blacks are born bad. They build a lifetime on that lie. The lie received the backing of the law, religion and science.
We all as people have felt discriminated at one point of time in our life. The most being minorities. Now we have other races, outside of blacks that are in trouble. The question is, “why”. Despite improved race relations over the past 30 years, non-white Americans still report that they feel discriminated against. While sociologist look into this problem. Most have largely focused on the experience of African Americans. This issue of discrimination is not just among blacks, but also Hispanics (Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans), Asians (Chinese Americans, Korean Americans, and Vietnamese Americans), and different religious beliefs as well. The prevalence of facts of discrimination differs by ethnic groups, immigrant status and other factors are important predictors of perceptions of discrimination. The fact that judges de...

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...or American men, the lifetime cumulative probability of being incarcerated stands at 6 percent for whites, 17 percent for Latinos, and 32 percent for blacks” (par. 8).
In conclusion, racial disparities in the criminal justice system are one manifestation of broader racial divisions in America. Many of the perceptions and prejudices that give rise to in-equities in criminal justice are the same prejudices that have been with us since the founding of the Republic. Not until those underlying prejudices are shattered will true equality for all Americans, in all facets of life, have been achieved. The criminal justice arena is an especially critical battleground in the continued struggle for civil rights. Current disparities in criminal justice threaten 50 years of progress toward equality. Criminal justice reform is a civil rights challenge that can no longer be ignored.

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