African Americans During the Post World War II Era

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1808 words

This time in the post World War II era, many African Americans had began to become a more urbanized center of population, around 1970. (Inmotionaame, pg. 1) The regular population included about 70 percent of just the natural population to live in more urbanized cities. (Inmotionaame, pg. 1) Soon African Americans dominated, having 80 percent of their community to live and take the same benefits in more urbanized centers of the Unites States. (Inmotionaame, pg. 2) Only about 53 percent of African Americans and others who seemed to migrate stayed in the same area around the South. (Inmotionaame, pg. 2) 1.5 million African Americans left Southern areas for Northern cities from 1910 to 1940. (, pg. 1) Then from 1940 to 1950 another 1.5 million African Americans left the South, and moved to Northern cities. (, pg. 1) Soon after by 1970 there were more than 5 million African Americans in the North. (Inmotionaame, pg. 2) The global structure and states being of the United States underwent a huge geographical change, but what was surprisingly significant during this time after the end of World War II, was their change in destination. (, pg. 2) Every 1 in 7 Southerner went from going South to North, from South to North or Western states, immediately afterwards. (, pg. 1) A great amount, over half a million African Americans left the two Carolina’s- North Carolina, and South Carolina, and Georgia in the post World War II time period and decade. (, pg. 1) California got to experience so much, almost all of the great impact they had with this migration, since many settled in California and nearby states such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. (Inmotionaame,... ... middle of paper ... ...the Southern state areas. Also not only was it African Americans migrating, but also urban consumers of the United States, or people known as low-class or low-waged. There were also many people who were affected by this mass migration patterns. (, pg. 5) It was so abrupt that the government no longer needed physical labor to work the sugar and cotton fields, so more and more technological innovations to support this change, such as tractors and the at the moment famous new cotton picker was what lead the United States into a new tremendous point in history, the Great Depression. (Inmotionaame, pg. 3) Overall there were many migration patterns of African Americans throughout the United States after the post World War II time period. This catastrophic engagement resulted in many new and significantly impactful ways of living to so many people.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sociologists investigated the social, economic, and cultural impact of the second great migration of african americans from the south.
  • Analyzes how the migration patterns of african americans during the post-world war ii era contributed to the "second great migration" that happened in the united states.
  • Explains that african americans were a more urbanized center of population in the post-world war ii era.
  • Analyzes how the african american segregation was complete and permanent in the neighborhoods of the people.

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