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The Birth of Modern Politics Essay

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There are thousands of years of history that have taken place. History is not like art(less subjective), but there is still plenty of room for speculation, criticism, and debate among historians, professors, as well as average citizens. However, not all these moments are documented, or done successfully specifically. Some of these moments end up becoming movies, books, or even historical fiction novels, but what about those fundamental moments that aren’t readily documented? In the book The Birth of Modern Politics Lynn Hudson Parsons claims that the 1828 election was momentous in the history of both political history, as well as our nation. Parsons not only discusses the behind the scenes of the first public election of 1828, but the pivotal events in Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams’ lives leading up to the election as well. Parsons succeeds in proving her thesis that the 1828 election was crucial to American politics as we know it today, as well as provoking evidence from various sources with her own logic and opinions as well.
Parsons first starts out the book by giving background information about Andrew

Jackson (who was nicknamed “Old Hickory”), including his success in conquering the

Native Americans. This victory in fact resulted in an entire era of American history being

named after him. As readers we begin to learn the type of man that Jackson indeed

was(“he was a man of action more than words”), resulting in him becoming famous for

“making law and Adams quoting it”( Modern Politics, 2009). Furthermore, we discover

that Jackson was a slaveholder, hated while in office, and was in fact the least qualified

man for the job as President(he even killed a man when he was a citizen). Andrew

Jackson was in...

... middle of paper ...

...leading authority on the 1820s."
In conclusion, although there are some flaws found in The Birth of Modern Politics by Lynn Hudson Parsons I would still highly recommend this book as other historians looking for historical information from a different perspective. It is highly enjoyable and educational, as well as looks at not only the election and the men behind it, but also the journey that they took shaping them and molding their personalities and opinion of life as well as politics.

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