Bipolar Is A Chronic Brain Disorder Essay

Bipolar Is A Chronic Brain Disorder Essay

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Bipolar is indeed a chronic brain disorder that is characterized by extreme manifestation of mood,
energy, thinking and behavior. Having viewed the two short films “Manic Episodes –Sweethearts”
and “Rapid cycling” and fully perused the research paper title “I actually Don’t know who I am”: The
impact of Bipolar Disorder on the development of self, perceive is a spontaneously unregulated high
and low within an individual with the disorder. I am led to subscribe to few concepts, theories and ideas
as highlighted within the mentioned items. In the short film “Manic Episodes –Sweethearts” one can see
how her demonstrated loquaciousness or pressured speech became the initial indication of Bipolar
symptoms, because just before the male character could make his first statement, she exploded into
with rapid flow of phrases and sentences that were seemingly incoherent. She uttered flight of ideas or
thoughts racing, coupled with her elevated mood I found quite consistence with Bipolar disorder manic
symptoms, as outlined in the DSM V, and moreover these are the sort of tendencies that too often
serves as impairment in formation of viable relationship with others. Her male date seems to be
completely unsettled by the sequence of verbal interaction and the bizarre shifting of thoughts. During
the interaction I would argue that she verbal revealed that she had a mania disorder, but like many who
first defense is denial when confronted with clear evidence of mental or cognitive impairment. She said
to her date “I am not crazy”. Essentially, it appeals that she is very cognizant about the societal appraisal
of mental disorders or as well as its implication in regards to sustaining interpersonal relationship. A
narrative that i...

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...gles of Bipolar disorder,
is literally, an attempt to escape an internal confused struggled and while reconciling the external social
confusion that have not come to terms with what is happening. According to Dr. Kay Redfield Johnson,
“Madness carve its own reality”. It goes on to say that with proper diagnosis and treatment people with
Bipolar disorder lead a healthy life and one of the crucial and strategic point of treatment would be at
the point of reducing negative self-image and increasing psychosocial developmental perspective. As the
treatment focuses on potentially building self-image, it enhances the individual capacity to believe that
they have the potential to self-regulate other unproductive behavior. I concord that It is imperative that
more attention be placed on studying impact of Bipolar disorder on individual sense of self and identity.

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