Essay on Biological Integrated Detection Systems

Essay on Biological Integrated Detection Systems

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There are many countries that are believed to have established programs in offense to biological warfare. Some of the distinguished countries include: Syria, Russia, China, Iran, Israel, Egypt, and North Korea. The easiest way to begin explaining Biological warfare is to consider any living organism and its possible potential to be used as a way of causing harm, injury, and even death to any population of people (Hooker, 2014). Organisms may consist of bacteria, fungi, or viruses. There are also toxins that may be found in any natural environment that have the potential to be used as a biological attack on any one person or population. It has been a proven fact, and contributed by substantiated evidence proving that there are countries that may have an active program for biological warfare. However, there has been a combined effort made by the United States and more than 160 other countries to renew the Biological Weapons Commission (BWC) treaty. The purpose for establishing a unified compliance from other countries concerning the BWC treaty is that the treaty forbids the development and production of biological weapons for offensive purposes. However, the BWC treaty does in fact permit the development and testing of biological weapons for the purpose of designing defensive measures against attacks utilizing biological weapons (Chauhan, 2004). The primary focus of the biological defense program as it pertains to the United States Army is to attain the results of a biological warfare attack in a large area, in the event such an attack should occur. The necessity for a detection system for biological warfare arose following Operation Desert Storm (Alibek & Handelman, 1999). The United States Army pushed forward with the biological d...

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... valuable tool in detecting the biological threats.

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