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Biography of Virginia Woolf Essay

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Virginia Woolf was born on January 25th, 1882 to Leslie Stephan, editor of the Cornhill magazine and the Dictionary of National Biography (Kennedy 340). Her mother name was Julia who was a famous beauty, also got sketched by pre Raphaelite artist (Woolf 173). This was during a period of a vastly fast paced growing United States, where the railroad industry was booming and industrialism was at full spin. Her mother, Julia died in 1895 when Woolf was thirteen (Woolf 173). Although Woolf was growing up in a literary and artistic household but she was kept away from a better education which her brothers were allowed to attend. As it says in a book “having grown up an intensely literary child in a pervasively literary and artistic household, the young Virginia Stephen was nevertheless kept away from public routes to education offered to her brothers, who attended prestigious private schools and went to Oxford” (Woolf 173). Woolf was not allowed to attend public schools like her brothers. This fact was a very disturbing fact for her because she wanted to have better education and explore herself to the world. Her creative ideas and her willingness to have better education and have her own identity in world were forcing her to get out the cage in which she was held in. after the death of her father Woolf began to published her work and also created a center for loose group of free-thinking artist, writers, and others (Woolf 173).
However fast forwarded to the 1910's, times were heading for an all-time low as the First World War raged for four years. Virginia Woolf’s career took off in the wake of World War one and hinted with remnants of the wartime experience. Aforementioned was a time in which women were looked at as second tier bein...

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