Essay about Billy Graham, The Evangelist and the CEO

Essay about Billy Graham, The Evangelist and the CEO

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Billy Graham was CEO of BGEA (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association). This is not someone most people think of as a CEO but yet he was, for more than fifty years. (Myra & Shelley, 2005, p. 11) Billy’s lifestyle and the way he leads his company are symbiotic. He was not incompetent or ignorant of technology and the benefits it could bring to his mission. He was invited to speak at the TED Conference (Technology, Information and Design) where he talked about technology, faith and human shortcomings. (Talbert, 2008) He posed the question, “What about human evil, death and suffering?” He went on to add that with all the great minds present, could anyone solve these problems with technology, and if not, what could? (Graham, 1998) Mr. Graham clearly understood the great advances in technology and all the good that could be accomplished when used correctly. He also understood how something as marvelous as the internet and other technological advances could be taken and used for things which are destructive and evil.
As he lead his company in many endeavors, each and every step he was guided by the belief in a higher power which we all must answer to someday. He strove to do only good things in his leadership style and his use of technology.
BGEA has embraced every form of technology as it has come on the scene. These forms of technology include print, television, telephone, radio and the internet. In 1997 the Billy Graham Center voted to establish the Internet Evangelism Facilitation Committee. The committee at once began to plan their goals for evangelism through the web. (Huston, 2006) Technology is utilized daily within this organization. Christianity Today and Decision Magazine are two examples. These originated as paper publicat...

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