The Bible Taken From The Greek Word Essay

The Bible Taken From The Greek Word Essay

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The Bible taken from the Greek word "biblos" meaning "book" became the foundation of two religions, specifically Judaism in the Old Testament and Christianity in the New Testament. Both bring together a group of books that explains the history of the beginning and development.

The Old Testament also known as the Tanakh is the first and oldest section of the Holy Bible with the New Testament written and added at a later date. The Old Testament, consisting of many individual books that were written, compiled and edited by various authors over a period of centuries. These books of the Old Testament were divided into three groups with the first group being the Torah also known as the Pentateuch or the Law, the second group is Nebim or the Prophets and finally the third group is the Ketubim or the Writings. The first letter in of each of these divisions such as T for Torah, N for Nebim and K for Ketubim makes an acronym of the name TaNaKh. The number of books within the Old Testament vary depending on which religion it represents. For instance, the Hebrews have twenty-four books, the Catholics have forty-six books and Protestant have thirty-nine books within the Holy Bible. Originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac along with other Near Eastern Semitic languages then eventually translated into Hebrew, then into Greek, then to Latin and finally English along with the majority of most modern languages spoken today.

For centuries both Hebrew and Christians did not doubt that what was written in the Old Testament was original and that errors did not exist. Also all believed that the historical timeline was accurate and that all which was written should be accepted as literal fact. The Hebrews believed that the Hebrew text of the Ol...

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...cally the Babylonian Talmud and along with the Jerusalem Talmud or the Palestinian Talmud which is the basis for all codes of Jewish law along with teachings and opinions of many pre-Christian Era rabbis. Another source is the Midrash texts that are used to interpret biblical stories that go beyond simple explanations of religious, legal, or moral teachings. It fills in gaps left in the biblical narrative regarding events and personalities that are only hinted at. The purpose of Midrash was to resolve problems in the interpretation of difficult passages of the text of the Hebrew Bible by using Rabbinic principles to align with the religious and ethical values of religious teachers. The texts are of great historical, religious, and linguistic significance because they include the third oldest known surviving manuscripts of works that are included in the Old Testament.

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