How do We Know the New Testament is God's Word?

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There is much debate over the accuracy and the inerrancy of Scripture. Pertaining to this debate there exists an underlying question as to whether or not the New Testament is considered part of the canon or for that matter if it is actually given by the inspiration of God. How did the books that are in the New Testament get there? Who decided which books should be added or taken out? Do we have all the books that we should have? Many ask these questions, but Christians are ill equipped to give an answer. For centuries, Christians have claimed that they have the absolute truth, are saved only by faith, and claim the Scriptures as inspired by God. In spite of these claims many Christians are not able to clarify the origins of what they place all of their faith upon. The questions asked above are profoundly significant since they have eternal consequences. They have consequences because in order to trust and obey God there must be certainty in the accuracy of God’s Word. This testament will attempt to answer the question: How Do We Know The New Testament is God’s Word?


In order to determine if the New Testament is God’s Word one must understand how the New Testament came together. It is very important to understand the terms, which make up the process and the physical existence of the New Testament and the Bible for that matter. When making reference to the Bible many people use different terms to mean the same thing.


The word, scripture, means “writing” or “writing of truth”. The New Testament gives a very specific definition as well as purpose of Scripture. The Bible says that all Scripture is inspired by God and is good for c...

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... Spirit who inspired the writings.


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