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Covenant according in bible 's point of view is a promise made by God to man. According to the book of Genesis, Chapter 6 Verse 13, as a result of human 's disobedient and evil ways on earth, God had planned to put an end to humanity with flood. The covenants between God and Noah was established in Genesis Chapter 9 Verse 11. God promised Noah and his descendants, never again would he destroy the earth by flood of water because of the pleasant sacrifice offered to God by Noah. God also confirmed his covenant by putting up signs in the sky in the form of a rainbow. The reason Noah and his family weren’t destroyed in the flood was because Noah found grace in God 's sight. What this means is that God do not establish any kind of covenant with just anyone. Clearly Abel, Noah and Abraham were unshakable, upright and obedient towards God’s command.

As is it recorded in the book of Genesis, Chapter 17 Verse 7, God establishes an everlasting covenant with Abraham and his descendant to be their God. I believe the covenant God made with Abraham is still very much in effect. In Genesis Chapter 17 Verse 5, God had changed Abram 's name to Abraham and he also promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. God also promised that he will make his seeds a nation and kings shall also come out from his descendants. This is also known as an everlasting covenant between God and Abraham. I do believe nothing has changed even up to this present day. What I gained from reading through these passages is that God only establishes certain commitments to his loyal servant and he often confirms his words. There are several people in the bible that were involved in some sort of Covenant with God, to mention few, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jaco...

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...ith Abraham. However, I believe Sarai and Abram broke the marriage vows established in Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 24, which clearly states the reason why a man should leave his father and mother to form a unity with his wife. Because of the human nature and how we perceive situations, I believe Sarai could not exercise patience for God 's appointed time, nor could she imagine to have a child in her old age. I also believe the reason she gave up on God 's appointed time was that she had already experienced her menopause, Sarai felt God had restrained her from having conceived the fruit of the womb. Sarai became desperate and very persuasive to the point that she tarnished her image as a wife by sharing her husband with her maid. What I learned from doing some research, is the that patience is a virtue and the thought of human is quite different from the way God operates.

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