Benefits Of Teaching A Child Essay

Benefits Of Teaching A Child Essay

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Benefits of Teaching a Child to Swim
According to US Census Bureau, swimming is the second most popular sport in the US. However, it is a fun sport and healthful activity that provides a number of benefits in human body such as mental and physical fitness. Most children love swimming, especially in pools and beaches since it is fun. Spending time playing in water is a healthier activity also adults who engage themselves in regular swimming have. Furthermore, swimming is consider as an anaerobic activity, American people that is probably the last thing in the minds of American people, especially during winter time but it is worth celebrating the return of sunshine while having fun in water. Therefore, this paper develops an insight to parents about the many benefits related to teaching a child how to swim. According to research, it shows that more than 35,000 people perish by fatally drowning each year ("Benefits of Teaching Children to Swim | Jeff Ellis Management"). However, teaching your child how to swim will reduce the risk of drowning and also make them stay healthy.
Learning to swim is not only fun and beneficial to health but also a safety measure as well too. Drowning is the most fatal tragedy and it mostly affects those who do not have the basic skills of swimming to save their life (Baby swimming: why we encourage parents to start them young). According to research conducted by, it reports that drowning is the second most leading cause of mortality rate especially to people between the ages of 5 and 24 (Whitehead). On contrary to this context, the most essential and important beneficial aspect related to teaching your kid how to swim is that it guarantees life safety. Swimming lessons are normally fun, an...

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...ace that offers children with disability an opportunity to engage in recreation, meaningful exercise and fitness (Declerk, Feys, and Daly).
In conclusion, children who learn or know how to swim have more advantages compared to non-swimmers. Arguably, research emphasizes that swimming has more benefits in a child 's life than harm, it facilitates development of body and enables to avoid health issues. Children who regularly swim year-rounded perhaps have fewer health issues than non-swimmers and on the other hand there brains are more developed compared to those of non-swimmers. Finally, it is advisable for parents to train their children how to swim during early childhood ages as it will be more beneficial to them while growing up considering aspects such as safety, health factors, general physical development, social and language development and intellectual aspect.

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