Persuasive Essay On Fitness Education

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Fitness education is the focus of helping your students achieve the knowledge and understanding of physical fitness. As a Phys ED teacher, our job is to promote a healthy lifestyle, and to get our students to live a physically active life that they choose to be a part of. This is our main goal, and this can 't be done if all we are doing is having our students simply run laps, as well as having a once a year testing that tells kids they are not fit, and test norms for comparisons. When we do this, we are not encouraging students to choose to be physically active, especially the ones that do not play sports. In many cases it is very evident that some students are not physically active, so when we do have meaningless testing and the idea of just…show more content…
Furthermore, instead of separating physical education and health classes, we should combine fitness and wellness programs. This program is where students can understand the how and why of fitness. These are all examples of fitness education, as you can see it goes hand in hand with physical fitness. You need the proper fitness education to engage in physical fitness, and have it be something that you chose to do for your life. There is a relationship between knowledge about exercise and youth behavior that suggests that knowing how to be physically active may be a significant influence in staying…show more content…
There are ten component areas that should be considered in organizing and structuring a well designed concepts based fitness course. These component areas are, student performance standards, instructional format, activity/ exercise program, personal portfolios with individual health and fitness plans, incentive program, exercise adherence and motivational strategies, school-family programs, and
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