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Benefits of Movement Education Essay

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Movement Education is a very instrumental tool in physical education today. Movement Education was founded by Rudolf von Laban in the early 1900s. Movement Education is a form of teaching which aims to educate and aid in the development of students’ motor skills through physical movement. There are many benefits regarding Movement Education, Dr. Karen Weiller Abels stated, “Children in movement education programs do much more than merely learn skills; they learn to apply movement elements and create solutions to both simple and complex movement problems,” (Abels). Movement Education can be incorporated in many different areas of schooling and in a child’s life, but physical education uses it the most. It is very influential and impacts a child’s physical activity and fitness for the better.
The main purpose of this is to increase body-mind activates and through dance and games to make physical activity fun and creative. This increases physical activity and the health of students in an enjoyable way that the students like to participate in. Movement Education has several different aspects to it, but all with the common goal of increasing the wellness of students. Technology has become a more popular and effective way of using Movement Education in physical education classes. For example music, the Wii, and yoga and Zumba tapes have become great resources. Movement Education has become increasingly popular in physical education, especially in the younger grades, and is helping get children active and excited for exercise.
Body awareness is a key part of Movement Education. Body awareness involves controlling one’s axial movements. This means that a person can control moving their entire body, or isolating one body part and movi...

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