Benefits Of Physical Education Essay

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Throughout the years, physical education has proven to have many physical benefits. The age-old apothegm that states that “An hour of play each day” is beneficial to students has proven to ring true. Many people acknowledge the physical side of physical education and overlook the cognitive benefits of the course. Not only does physical education affect the physical aspects of the body, it affects mental aspects as well. In today’s new age of technology and advanced modern education, physical education is becoming a thing of the past. Many schools are dropping the course from their curriculum and focusing on core classes that are said to be beneficial to the futures of their students. Contrary to popular belief, physical education can pay…show more content…
Sports and physical activity plays a crucial role in student discipline and behavior.According to PLOS One’s study on behavior and extracurricular activities in Korea, “ PE classes and extracurricular sports activities have positive influences on adolescents’ social development and prosocial behaviors, including helping, sharing, donating, cooperating, volunteering, and showing consideration for others.” This observation states that students that are physically active possess all of the traits of the ideal student. This also means that physically active students are less likely to have scuffles or arguments with other students and would not require disciplinary actions from the teacher.
In conclusion, physical education is needed in schooling because it has numerous benefits on the student as a whole. In addition to the positive physical aspects, physical education has several intellectual benefits as well. Physical activity ultimately helps students strengthen their cognition, memory, grade point average, and cooperative & behavioral skills. Physical education sharpens the tools students need to be successful inside and outside of the
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