Benefits of Medical Tourism Essay

Benefits of Medical Tourism Essay

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Medical tourism, or the process of leaving a home location for health care treatment in other locations broad is becoming an emerging trend. Outbound medical tourism is most likely going to grow at a fast rate within the next few years. With health care costs rising exponentially, this concept is important to explore as consumers are becoming more open to the idea of traveling to seek care that is less expensive, safe, and effective. Most patients are going to become more interested in having treatment abroad if the quality is savings are possible and quality is close to the type of treatment available in the United States.
Research shows the most well know inbound and outbound programs, in addition to the several aspects of each that attracts individuals to these medical tourism opportunities. The key point to focus on is that the consumer is typically attracted to considerations about quality, service, and price; therefore, the industry must attract them based on these factors as well as individual needs and wants. Price sensitivity is growing, specifically for people with insurance programs that apply high deductibles. Medical tourism could be a possibility that will allow for quality and price to provide a high value for patients and providers (Pitts & Battiste, 2013).
Several patients travel long distances to have medical care, and taking advantage of these benefits; further expanding these facilities to grow the industry overall. It is important to understand the three categories of medical tourism. Outbound involves individuals going to countries abroad, inbound includes patients who come to the United States, and intrabound is when patients travel in domestic locations within the country. The growth rate in all three...

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