The Benefits Of Having A Pet Dog Essay

The Benefits Of Having A Pet Dog Essay

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The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog
Dogs have been a very popular domestic pet amongst people in different countries for many years. The most common reason for people to own a dog is to have a companion to play with, bond with, and to spend time with. Not only are dogs true companions, they are also beneficial to have in terms of health. Most people, including myself, who do own a dog, are not aware of the tremendous impact these dogs have on one’s psychological, physiological and sociological health. In the following research paper I will discuss how dog ownership can help reduce stress related disorders, physiological illnesses and how dogs affect people’s social lives.
When asked, people never say they own a dog for the psychological benefits they provide. The most common reason behind dog ownership is the companionship. Little do people know that the bond they build with their dogs has a remarkable outcome on their psychological health, such as stress and anxiety disorders. In the study conducted by Stanley Coren, it indicated that a short interaction with dogs, as little as 5 to 24 minutes, can lower stress related hormones in our blood stream, this alone works faster than taking any drugs for stress (29). Posttraumatic stress disorder is a common disorder not only amongst war Veterans, but also amongst any individual who has been exposed to a stressful and traumatizing incident in their life. One of the things that are not typically associated with people who suffer from PTSD, are service dogs. US Army Veteran, Paul Walters, is one of many who suffer from this disorder, but one of the few known to have had a service dog to help him with his suffrage. He has owned many dogs ever since he has returned from the Golf War, yet on...

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...tely. Effort must be put towards the goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, one must get off the couch and go out with the dog and engage in social and physical activity. The dog is not going to walk itself; simply letting out it in the backyard will not cut if one seeks to improve their overall health. Also, some parents may consider having a dog around for their children, since adults are not the only ones who benefit from them. Children also get involved in more physical activity than non owners. However, parents need to be aware of the possible risk of an aggressive dog response without proper education. As having it experienced myself, dogs can help with anxiety and stress related issues at home. All in all, dogs bring great joy into peoples’ lives, no matter what age. Conclusively, dogs should be thought of as a beneficial contribution to one 's life.

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