Benefits Of Concealed Carry On College Campuses Essay

Benefits Of Concealed Carry On College Campuses Essay

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What is protection? Should a person have to depend on another for their well-being, or should they have the ability to defend their own person? Concealed carry is a controversial issue, more so when it is allowed on college campuses. There are two sides to every stone and some people may only see the side facing up. When it comes to weapons, there is always a big ordeal about what will happen when a law is or is not put into play. If concealed carry is allowed on campuses terrorist may abuse this privilege as a way to perform mass shootings? What if others were also carrying a weapon and stopped the shooter? Would we see an increase in violence or suicides? These are a few of the many pros and cons of concealed carry on college campuses. Although there are disadvantages to campus carry there are many advantages including self defense, the feeling of being safe, and stopping a school shooter are a few.
Many people argue that concealed campus carry will lead to an increase in campus violence. If a student confronts another student, it could lead to one or both of them pulling a weapon. If this happens and other students begin to take sides with or without drawn weapons, will the situation end badly? Anger can become uncontrollable and lead to violence, going even further with drawn pistols. Suppose a professor gives a student a grade worse than what they were expecting. Sean Ahrens writes, “A teacher is in a heated discussion with a student and sees a gun — what now?” (Facilities Net). The outcome of this situation could lead to one in the hospital and the other in police custody.
Instead of looking at the negative aspect, look at the positives. It is a common misconception that violence is the result of the use of guns. Campus vio...

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...maining eight states are required to allow campus carry.
It is a misconception that concealed carry would be unsafe because college campuses are crowded and that a person could snap and go on a killing spree. It is not unsafe to properly carry a concealed weapon on a campus because campuses are no more crowded than a supermarket, movie theatre, or mall. According to a Secret Service study, school shooters do not snap but their choice to open fire on schools is a result of a person’s downward spiral toward violence is typically accompanied by numerous warning signs (Concealed Carry). People have a better chance of protecting themselves from an attacker if they have a concealed weapon. If an attacker has a person cornered with a knife, the victim will have a better chance of keeping their life and valuables if they can pull their concealed pistol and deter the attacker.

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