Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Vs Open Carry

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In the past couple of years, gun control has been a debatable topic throughout the United States, especially with the rising occurrences of mass shootings. Citizens all around are asking if firearms are necessarily a helpful tool that we need, or are they dangerous killing machines that people and news say. Today, a majority of the population respects the right to own and carry a firearm on a daily basis. Some states are changing the law from concealed carry to open carry. This means that instead of a licensed citizen hiding their firearm underneath their clothing. They would now be showing the firearm visible to everyone around them while out in public. Having the law to open-carry in every state would be beneficial not only to the owner but…show more content…
In fact, five states, California, Florida, Illinois, New York, and South Carolina think that is better to keep conceal carry over open carry. Concealed carry is different then that of open carry. Both laws let a person carry a handgun out in public around other people, but with concealed carry the user must hide the handgun underneath some form of clothing making it invisible to others. It could be placed in a multiple of places underneath a coat, vest, at the lower back, hip, leg, or on one side of the rib cage. Open carry only lets you carry the firearm on the side of your hip. Also, each person must get a license or permit showing the proper use of the firearm and pass a background check. This lets only people who are not hostile with experience of a firearm the right to carry in public. Making sure that not only is the user safe from the firearm, it makes sure that citizens around them are not in…show more content…
People will always fight about open carry and concealed carry on which is better for society. Each law has its own benefits and consequences for protecting the people of the United States. Studies about open carry has shown that by having citizens of the state carry a gun openly in public can decrease the crime rate. If the law to open carry can lower crime rate throughout a majority of states. Then why should we still have five states that deny the right to open carry. Who knows, in a couple of years we could be looking at making laws that let people carry all forms of firearms in public, not just

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